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ResQMe will break a car window and cut a jammed seat belt


ResQMe - Key Chain Seat Belt Cutter and Window Breaker
     Did you know that car windows are made of super-strong tempered glass?
     They are almost impossible to break unless you have a tool specifically designed to do the job.

     Whether you are locked in a car immersed in water ... or involved in an accident that renders your doors, windows and seat belt inoperative while your car is engulfed in flames ... ResQMe seat belt cutter and window breaker will allow you to cut your seat belt, break a car window and escape.

     ResQMe easily attaches to your keychain so it travels with you where ever you go. It is so compact that you won't know it's there...until you ned it!

     Everyone should carry ResQMe on their keychain.

ResQMe - the auto emergency escape tool that travels with you!
  • will cut through a seat belt in seconds to free a trapped passenger
  • will break a side or rear car window. Simply press the black cylinder against the window to release the spring loaded spike (it will not break a windshield or any laminated window). The spring loaded spike is self-resetting and may be used multiple times
  • is less than 3 inches long (2.93”) and weights just over ½ oz (.6 oz)
  • attaches to a keychain with an easy release clip which allows use without removing keys from the ignition
  • is made in the USA
  • received the Gold Medal Award at IPEX as the Best Automotive Product of 2004
  • was originally offered exclusively to fire, paramedic and police organizations but is now available to the public
The auto emergency tool that travels with you. ResQMe
ResQMe is available in yellow, orange, green, blue, black and pink

For Questions or Volume Pricing Email Us
at or Call 1-888-215-0304.
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