19 Colorfully Decorated Family Rooms (Photo Gallery)

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Updated on July 21, 2022

Get the festivities going with an interior that highlights your style as elegantly as your finest jewelry. Like a set of pearls, you can match the fabric of your black-out curtain to the pillow covers of your sectional sofa, up to the upholstered dining chairs you have ordered custom made. And like your favorite sparkling diamond, glossy finishes like stainless steel, reflective mirrors, and even glass can add that much-needed glamour to brighten up your space with an effortless touch.

Both furniture and fabric accents can either make or break your design, so be very mindful in picking the best one that suits the room and reflects your style. These accents, much like how a jewelry accentuates your clothing, can be underwhelming at times. But if chosen carefully and correctly, it can serve as a crowning glory to your space. Don’t be afraid to accessorize, one good suggestion in accessorizing your home is to put everything in there and then trim down till you are satisfied.

With that in mind, take a look at some of these carefully selected photos that will give you an idea on how to bling-up your home. They’re gorgeous enough to put your taste in the spotlight.

Colorfully Decorated Family Room Ideas

1. The Garden View

Emphasize the height of an airy white room with a lot of natural lighting. The white fireplace mantel and built-in cabinets topped with a minimalistic cornice is a good complement to the cherry wooden floor.

2. Control Deck

Find your inner geek in this room dedicated to gamers and hackers. The four leathered covered armchairs positioned in a huddle reminds you that life is more than a game.

3. A Game of Chest

Repurpose that antique luggage case you found in a flea market by converting it into a multi-function coffee table that also doubles as an additional storage space to your charming multi-media room.

4. Sofa So Good

Never go wrong by arranging your furniture in perfect symmetrical by pairing everything in two’s such as this long white sofa, patterned poufs, and nice wallpaper prints on both sides of the wide fireplace.

5. Beam me Up

Highlight your unsightly beam by painting it in black lacquered paint finish against a white background for a nice contrast. To complete the modern look, pair it with white painted walls, some well-placed mood lighting, sleek furniture and dark wooden floorboards.

6. Life Is A Gable

Crown your gabled roof living room with varnished wooden beams that stands on four wooden posts. This goes perfectly with wooden furniture accents like a barn-style sideboard and a semi-gloss, wooden top dining table.

7. One Armchair Apart

For a subtle eclectic look, pair two different armchairs in the same hue of fabric together with a fabric upholstered sofa. This works well in a room that echoes the same constrained color scheme that features a pearl finish table lamp and different shades of a cream-colored ceiling.

8. Carpet Ride

Showcase your authentic Parisian Carpet in a large room by not overwhelming it with furniture. Instead, match it with the facade of your fireplace and use its primary color on your coffered ceiling and you got yourself a nice base for a nature-inspired look.

9. Great and Might

Got high ceiling? Anchor it with a tall fireplace that echoes the silhouette of your windows. The exposed wooden beams and hardwood floor is matched so deliciously, anybody who comes by will surely drool over.

10. You Met Your Match

Echoing is a good design principle. Here we see the color of the leathered sofa is almost in the same hue of the sideboards; the pitch-black of the fireplace and TV; and in the color of the ceiling and wall and the rest of the furniture.

11. Centralized Pattern

Pooling all your patterns in one place can also work wonders. Carefully selecting patterns and colors on your pillows, ottoman and carpet can create a stylish statement without becoming an interior design road kill.

12. Let There Be Art

Sometimes a great artwork is enough to bring everything together in a space without having to resort to drastic measures like changing your furniture or recoloring walls. The nature and exterior element of the artworks bring in the much needed outside view.

13. See You In The Orchard

You don’t have to go outside to reboot yourself. Just sit back and relax in a comfortable fabric-covered sofa and listen to the crackling sound of the fire and watch the leafs on the trees change its shade as time goes by.

14. Full Contrast

If you can afford it, by all means, have your home office placed in a sunroom lined with gracious wall-to-wall carpeting. The Roman shade in the sheer fabric will help you filter the amount of light that comes in.

15. Double Story

Another high-ceiling room, this time it highlights a less cluttered look by keeping the architecture details to a minimum and having the furniture style to a maximum by using a pair of well-placed fabric covered sofa with exposed nail heads and lounging armchairs facing the textured stone fireplace.

16. Perfect Fit

To put a TV within the line of sight of its viewer in the same area where you have a fireplace is always a tricky challenge. One solution is to design a built-in beside the fireplace that extends to the corner of the room. Not only it serves as an extra storage, it also adds architectural value to your space.

17. Deer Fireplace

If you have flushed fireplace, you can decorate it with textured stone cladding like this one to add drama to a pale white-washed wall paneling. A suspended mantel, various sized candelabra sticks, and different antique lamps serve as a functional accent.

18. Caught In The Corner

If having a fireplace is not optional to your living situation, have one installed in each corner of all rooms. This way, you might only have to put one chimney that is shared all over the house.

19. Pizza Parlor

Be a little playful and have your fireplace looked like a pizza brick oven. The barn style door of the built-in cabinets adds a classical touch that lends authenticity to the round dimpled ottoman.

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