48 Inspiring Family Room Ideas (Photo Gallery)

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Updated on July 21, 2022

It’s easy to complain about the weather when you’re making your way through the rain, on a Monday morning, en route to work. But if you just stop and smell the scent of a freshly cut grass, it’s even easier to appreciate the beauty of the season. When you would rather stay at home, however, nothing beats a pleasantly looking home interior that reflects your taste and personality.

One good thing about a personalized home is that it is something you can enjoy all year round. Change some fabrics and decor to go with the season, it’s all up to you. The flexibility of the space, of course, depends on the permanent details like the architectural and structural design, which includes the shape of the door and window, trusses, beams and so on.

They say that cake and ice cream were pretty much made for each other. Much like tight leggings and disco, circa 1980. When it comes to fireplaces, it doesn’t always have to be rustic and made of stone or bricks. Play around what’s available in your local hardware and use it to cover up your comically tall fireplace in your loft apartment.

Same goes with your ceiling, as industrial design is becoming more and more prominent, a bare cement ceiling is a practical solution to make a statement in your home. Cement marries particularly well with black finishes, raw wood, and white walls.

Without further adieu, below is a collection of inspiring family room ideas that’s brimming with flavor and personality.

Inspirational Ideas for Your Family Room

1. White Villa

If you have a lot of linear wood paneling in your home, put an island resort feel to it by painting everything in white and mixing your interior with deep colored wood furniture and accents.

2. Accordion To Glass

To divide a room without looking too heavy, opt for folding glass doors like this one in black slim framing and steel hardware.

3. Kid On Board

For a kid-friendly home, choose edgeless furniture like this white round coffee table and side tables in a funky shape. For the seating, a fully upholstered sofa and armchairs are also recommended.

4. Modern Spectacles

This all-white interiors crisp lines are complemented with the white quartz stone flooring and ultra modern furniture and sculptural spiral stairs.

5. Thanks A Loft

For a loft with a sloped ceiling, you can try and paint it in all white to help it gives a rather airy feel. Stick to white as well for your furniture like a fabric covered sectional sofa, low TV drawer, and shelving.

6. Overlooking The Fire

Get a unified look in your interior by installing paneled doors and covering your tall elevated fireplace and mantel in simple architectural moldings. White paints optional.

7. Show Me The Motif

A simple touch of a pattern can do wonders in boring interiors. The glass cabinet door pictured here is fitted with a geometric mullion and a sensual lighting is added to heighten the look and a blue Moroccan carpet sets the tone for the rest of the pillow covers.

8. Pink Panther

Soften any room filled with bulky architectural details by simply painting the walls with soothing pink color. Keep the moldings in white and watch your crystal chandelier take center stage.

9. Birds Of Fire

Warm colored woods makes perfect sense in this wood covered fireplace. It definitely adds visual warmth to the gray modular sofa and the ivory white painted interior.

10. Book Nest

A small cramp space doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Install wood paneling and fill it with books in an open shelving, lay out a colorful carpet and add a minimal armless sofa with a geometrical gray and white pattern.

11. Framed Glamour

Turn your boring flat wall into an eye-catching gallery by installing moldings between walls. To complement your already black and white space, choose frames with slim profiles and insert some of your favorite black and white photos.

12. Find The Pattern

Medium size geometric pattern can be used in major furniture pieces like this set of long sofa and with colorful yellow accents. It does not overwhelm and created a statement in an all-white interior together with the fireplace.

13. Musical Audience

This stylish intimate room intended for a night of musical performances is effortlessly achieved by a mixture of a deep blue sofa, red French rug, white classic armchairs, a Bonaparte French armchair, and a frameless artwork.

14. Photo Finish

A great way to create a conversation piece in your den is by creating a photo collage of your favorite works of art. Here, different types of gold and black frames on top of a Neoclassic table and stool paints one magnificent picture.

15. Stone Stopper

Punctuate a room the features a coffered ceiling and framed windows with an intimate fireplace covered in the textured stone finish. Add a spotlight to elevate the appeal.

16. Watch It Glow

If you need to highlight an area of your home, sometimes you have to literary put a light into it and in this case, behind. This glow can be achieved by putting a LED strip or a fluorescent light behind the protruding TV shelf.

17. Fire Center

An efficient use of gas and chimney, this center fireplace acts as a wooden structural glue, so to speak, to various areas of this open-plan type of interior.

18. Beige Advice

For that undeniable classic look, matching sofas and accent chair contrast nicely with the dark flooring. The Moroccan rug in the same color breaks the tone and adds a playful pattern.

19. Diamond In The Rough

Accentuate your modern and stark all-white interior with textures and pattern, such as this textured stone block for the fireplace and the diamond patterned floor carpet.

20. Oil Pastels

Turn a moderately detailed plain white interior with soft and delicate hues of gray on a Neoclassic Armchairs, blue and yellow pillow covers with a pink flower accent for a very pleasing color scheme.

21. Hard Coffered

This basement turned family room is composed of white fabric sectional sofa, brick stone covered fireplace, white built-in cabinets with bookshelves, and topped with a glossy painted white coffered ceiling.

22. I See Stark

Add interest to a plain white interior with varying color of neutral fabric covered furniture, such as this armchair with dust ruffle slipcovers, gray sectional sofa and beige carpet on a chocolate brown flooring.

23. Living Colors

Sprinkle playful colors on your media room to for depth. The built-in multimedia center in deep teal semi-gloss paint supplements the mostly red modular sofa and grunge floor carpet.

24. Tall Teals

Another way to use teal accent is through pillow covers. Here, the damask pattern of the pillow mirrors the damask pattern of the armchairs, which in return is in the same color of the velvet covered sofa.

25. Wrought Section

A large modular sofa in varying shades of brown fit so right at home in this uncluttered apartment with a recurring theme of brown for its hardwood floors, sheer curtain, and even in the artwork.

26. Dine With Eames

After a sumptuous Thanksgiving meal, casually move oneself from the gorgeous dining table and relax beside the fireplace in a stylish as usual, Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman.

27. Team Purple

This showstopping Purple Billiard table fit so perfectly in this masculine yet refined game room that it even has its own swanky bar and multiple TV screens.

28. Nested Cement

Increase your ceiling height by removing the ceiling away and expose that beautiful unfinished cement for an updated take on an industrial black and white look.

29. Leathered Wood

For a monochromatic look, take a hint from this suave intimate library that features an all stained wood interior and coffered ceiling, leather couch, tufted Chesterfield armchairs, and vintage rug.

30. Below Gable Lines

Visually pair two unrelated designs and create a pleasantly looking interior. In this example, an all-white cottage with exposed beams and gabled roof blanketed a living and dining setup composed of stained natural wood furniture, upholstered seating and a custom sized, beige wool carpet.

31. Silver Stone

Display how proud you are by showcasing your trophies and medal above the mantle of this stone textured fireplace with a minimal gray stone hearth and glass door in pewter framing.

32. Skylight Shadow

Cast a playful shadow all over your sloped ceiling through this suspended industrial caged lighting. It goes perfectly with a black, thin metal frame with wooden top coffee table and a complementary geometrical rug on top of a brick flooring.

33. Green Day

Live under the stairs and convert your unused storage room into a functional space. All you need is a contemporary sectional sofa, leather-covered square ottoman with nailhead detailing, reclaimed wood for the back wall and some artworks for accessories.

34. Round Classic

This wooden coffee table with a classic x-detailing heightens everything in this living room together with the soft green color accents, round faceted mirror, upholstered armchairs and seal brown sofa.

35. Kitchen Overflow

For a maximum impact, the coffee table between this tan long sofa and the paneled fireplace in the living room mimics the gray marble countertop of the kitchen.

36. Moroccan Architecture

Add whimsical Moroccan motif in your doorway or passageway to seamlessly incorporate style and taste into your home.

37. Window Section

Enjoy the non-obstructive view of the surrounding nature while sitting in this contemporary tufted gray sofa with a yellow and black pillow, black leather armchair and a very interesting fiery centerpiece.

38. Fire By The Corner

This modern metal fireplace is a practical accompaniment to any contemporary apartment with beige flooring, a pair of gray sofas, and painted white walls and ceiling.

39. Gallery Divide

Nothing says big personality other than a colorful display of your personal belongs like books and memorabilia all displayed in a gallery and utilitarian white bookshelving.

40. Black Module

This snowy white modular sofa is the right amount of contrast to the brushed, black wall of the dining area that is needed for a well-balanced contemporary habitat.

41. Against The Slope

Simple sitting furniture like a contemporary armchair and sofas surround this curious assembled wood coffee table, all housed underneath the sloping roof that directs the eye toward the stately fireplace.

42. Minimal Shelving

Take advantage of hardware-bought modular shelving and fill it with various accents and personal belongings to create an array of interest to an intimate space.

43. Country Style

This well-decorated fireplace lends itself as the highlight of this rustic home complete with raw wood trusses and beams, furnished with a billiard table.

44. Carpet Diet

A fantastic idea to steal, slim width loop-cut carpet. Use cautiously, however, like in this case, the carpet sets the boundary for the leather chair with metal legs and the equally minimal coffee table.

45. Brick A Leg

The red brick stone pattern of this fireplace paves the way for the beige colored plaid upholstered armchair and leather covered armchair in this very homey residence.

46. Back And White

A sunroom with a black leather sofa makes a secondary sitting area in this ivory white minimalist interior.

47. Hear The Gable

A clean white interior with lots of windows is a perfect place for a long weekend staycation. A gray sectional sofa, contemporary accent chair, and a layered coffee table serve all the right function.

48. Movie Night

Bring down that extra wall and combine your movie room and game room into a dramatic, yet functional, multipurpose room for the whole family.

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