53 Jaw-Dropping Family Room Designs (Photo Gallery)

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Updated on July 21, 2022

The Internet, depending on who you are talking to, may make it easier to shop for your home, but it also leaves a big room for more impulse buying. That can be a mistake if you end up with a piece of trendy furniture you don’t like after a couple of years.

Remember to always buy into investment furniture pieces that speak to you and reflects your personality, something that you can live with for a very long time. Take the time to think about what the furniture means to you and how it will look into your space for the coming years. If you need to, consult a friend before rushing into buying a piece.

When it comes to shopping for curtains, pillows, and rugs especially, you’re better off doing it in store and not online. Color is much more different in actual rather than in a computer or mobile screen. It might make you think it looks coffee brown but in reality, it’s just tan.

Same thing goes with artworks. Taking a photo of an artwork and seeing it side by side you will surely notice the difference. One more thing to be cautious of is texture. This is especially true when buying carpet and rugs online. Seeing and feeling it in your hands or at your feet is a big buying factor you should always consider.

These jaw-dropping family room designs will convince you that carefully chosen furniture and textiles make a big impact even on small and tight spaces.

Jaw-Dropping Family Room Design Ideas

1. Bar Fight

All bets are off in this multipurpose hall that features a billiard table, large screen TV, and a contemporary bar area.

2. Textured Shine

Add interest to your boring flat wall through the use of textured wallpaper. A black coffee table with glossy finish added depth.

3. Casual Drinks

For a stay home on a Friday night and enjoy yourself or with some friends in this informal sitting area in front of a rustic open bar.

4. Book Passage

Immerse yourself in literature and spend the whole afternoon reading books in this quiet and peaceful nook inside a library fortress.

5. TV Booth

Make the best out of small space by placing a TV on top of a white painted wood bench. Add a door panel in sliding metal mechanism and hide the TV when not in use.

6. Wheel Of Fire

This elevated fireplace knows how to accessories itself. Green curtain red-orange armchair and pale orange wall complement it perfectly.

7. Little Damask

This cute footstool in damask pattern steals the show in this white paint and stained wood interior.

8. Sea The Carpet

This blue and white carpet effectively let everything in this interior float at the same time, keeping it grounded. The leather sofas and brick patterned fireplace are protected from elements by the glass windowed wall.

9. Ghostly Green

A tight sitting area with a pair of green sofas calls for a transparent coffee table for a functional and modern look.

10. TV Cook

For a polished clean look, carve a niche anywhere on your wall or fireplace as pictured here, and let the TV blend in with the gray paint. The geometric carpet also fuses nicely with the gray sectional sofa.

11. Wooly Mammoth

Easily create a bold statement with a black and white animal print. Especially true in an interior with beige armchairs and sofa, beige built-ins and fireplace, and a sand colored wool carpet

12. Fountain View

Be inspired by the color of your surroundings. This earthly blue sectional sofa borrows its color from the nearby water fountain, creating a wonderful contrast with the warm interior led by a modern fireplace.

13. Up In The Stars

Flaunt your impeccable taste by opting not to cover with carpet your beautiful herringbone wood flooring. The minimalist handrail and railing share the spotlight with the all-white interior.

14. Open Arcade

An architectural detail like an arcade and collonade hallway should be seen from the inside. Install an accordion wood and glass door for a flexible use of the indoor and outdoor area.

15. Fierce Persian

Make use of your white built-in bookcase full of books as a backdrop for an impromptu photo shoot. A red Persian carpet, some few contemporary armchairs, and a coffee table set the stage.

16. Animal Instinct

This simple sunroof provides a functional purpose with a bit of style, thanks to the industrial coffee table, animal print rug, and low wooden sideboard.

17. Persian Squared

Who knew what a simple placement of a Persian rug makes so much impact to a traditional interior comprising of a coffered ceiling and paneled fireplace?

18. Under The Moroccan Star

The plain blue fabric of the pillow accented the fabric covered armchair. Together with the chunky, square coffee table, all is elevated by the well-placed Morrocan print carpet and industrial wire pendant lighting.

19. Turn On The Literature

Color coordinate your books and put them on display like this mini library above a boxed frame day bed with colorful pillow accents. Ample Lighting required.

20. Nook And Shadow

Another design inspiration for book lovers, turn your ay window into a quiet reading nook with a built-in seat that also doubles as bookshelves by maximising the space underneath

21. You and Baby Blue

The restrained use of soft blue fabric for this interiors’ curtains, pillow accent and ottoman worked well, thanks to the white painted wall, black facade of the fireplace and light beige pair of sofas.

22. Save and Print

Break the boring use of plain colors on your sofa, pillows, and carpet by adding an artistic print motif artwork as decoration like this wonderful example.

23. Tiger Woods

Tired of the minimal grey color scheme and want to try something new? Try incorporating an animal print accent in the form of an ottoman or pouf and immediately see the transformation right before your eyes.

24. Mirror Finish

This mostly pastel interior instantly get a glam upgrade thanks to the mirrored coffee table. It added depth and shine and helped spread out light and reflection to the nearby leather sofas and textured back wall of the TV.

25. Table Ritual

A rectangular modular sofa is paired off with a sexy rectangular coffee table which helped emphasize the linear depth of the interior.

26. Tulip Perspective

This open-type interior’s modern quality is reflected in the materials used in the facade of its fireplace, as well as the grey sectional sofa and the gracious silhouette of the Tulip table.

27. Sleeved Mantel

The mantle of this fireplace looked like as if it’s a sleeve to the body of the chimney. The low built-in storage is a practical and well-thought addition.

28. Charcoal Lining

Small spaces can be painted with dark colors. The deep gray of the paneled wall helps reflect the light creating an illusion of an airy space.

29. Lounging By The Fire

An all-white minimalist interior is fitted with a fireplace and frameless glass window which is a perfect setup for lounging in style with extra comfort. Round shag carpet adds warmth to the cold gray floor tile.

30. No Holds Bar

Convert unused basement into a men’s club game room. Just add a billiard game, open bar and some few stools.

31. Black Canvas

Simulated black wood in the back wall of this seating area created a dramatic contrast to the coffee-colored leather sofa and wood table top with thin metal legs. The absence of curtain in the window soaks everything in natural light.

32. Burst Of Cool

The sunburst mirror is the perfect accessory of this resort-inspired interior, with a color scheme that ranges from green to blue and turquoise, even the abaca armchair screams tropical.

33. Clean Slate

You will barely see a fireplace covered in slate stones, and when you do you are guaranteed that it’s going to be fabulous. The whole mantle including the elevated hearth is a testament to the elegance of the whole look of this interior.

34. Leather Head

Time and again, leather coaches exudes a sophisticated appeal to any shape and size of interior you put it in. Here, the minimal interior is heightened by the hardwood floors together with furniture.

35. Sun Of Music

This modern sunroom facing the pool opted for a skylight to provide a literal spotlight to the piano.

36. Watch The Pillows

One possible option for placing a TV in a room is to have it mounted on an easel. You can move it anywhere plus the stained wood finish is a welcome addition to the black and white interior.

37. Tan Lines

This nautical-inspired interior featuring a blue and white color scheme is anchored by a clever addition of a bamboo shade screens that connect with the rope detailing of the square coffee table.

38. Brown’s Office

A semi-formal office in stained wood finishes in the built-in cabinets and coffered ceiling is also employed in the writing desk with cabriole legs fronted by a tufted leather sofa.

39. Made In France

Fabric coordinated furniture worked great in this setup. The French furniture such as ottoman, side chairs, and sofa mellowed down the overwhelming wallpaper, creating a pleasant and hospitable sunroom.

40. Den And Now

This charming den is produced by the warm hardwood floors stone texture fireplace, built-in storage in stained wood finishes, and a Persian carpet for an added visual interest.

41. Red Sun

The painted blue ceiling of this nook is such a pleasant surprise. A totally unexpected complement to the orange covered seat of the armchair, its ottoman, as well as the geometric patterned rug.

42. Nest In A Nest

Invest in stylish and functional furniture like an adjustable backrest sectional sofa, nested nordic table, wall mounted shelves, and low TV sideboard.

43. Home Coffee

Unexpected industrial style stool complements the retro high table and updates the look of this stylish vintage home cafe.

44. Hidden Agenda

Create a panic room or a simple storage hiding in plain sight through a clever secret door built to camouflage like a random bookshelf.

5. Chic It Off

This smart and fashionable informal seating area acts as an interactive museum display, thanks to the pink tufted sofa, gray armchair with white piping, and red tufted ottoman.

46. Island Getaway

Adopt a resort type interior as simple as installing a leaf-blade overhead fan, white slipcovers in your furniture, and a green accent on pillows and accessories.

47. Fired Style

Take note if the interesting detail of this modern fireplace, the coffee tables legs and wood top, powdered blue armchairs and the series of aged frames against the painted white wainscot wall.

48. Black Overview

Bare your soul in this borderline black interior. Round black leather ottoman, upholstered avant-garde sofa, and wide black fireplace juxtaposed against a sea of white paint.

49. Why So Red?

Feel alive living in this astute interior. Taking advantage of the red color applied smartly on the fabric of the armchair, curtain, and ikat fabric resulted in a heart-stopping design.

50. I Hearth You

An elevated fireplace and its hearth got a clay brick treatment in this endearing cottage house. The slanted wood panels in the wall make up a good backdrop for the pink renaissance sofa and checkerboard coffee table.

51. Side Board

The low sideboard of this built-in multimedia center serves as an extension of the black cantilevered ledge for an additional display shelf.

52. Blue Prints

A cool sunroom may sound a little too ironic, but this blue schemed interior can prove otherwise by sporting a deep blue wall paint, baby blue fabrics for the armchair and sofa, and an accent chair with a blue leaf pattern.

53. Ceramic Blue

True to the nature of blue, this relaxing cottage house that can pass for a ski lodge will envelop you with warmth while sitting in either one of the blue armchairs with white piping beside the fireplace under the sky blue coffered ceiling.

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